David Sidi

Ph.D. Candidate, School of Information
2020 CUES Spanning Boundaries Challenge Grantee

Note: Title was current at time of award and may have changed.

2020 Spanning Boundaries Challenge:  Developing Socially-Aware Quantitative Intuition

Effective use of quantitative intuition (QI) - the ability to discern, apply, and communicate lessons from empirical evidence - must account for the individuals and social context underlying data in order to minimize inaccurate analyses and unintended consequences.  This project prepares students to apply QI in a socially-aware way by incorporating applied, interdisciplinary exercises into existing courses, and developing a yearly University-wide student competition that asks participants to apply QI skills to a specific “Grand Challenge” problem facing society.  Simultaneously, these activities will be carefully and rigorously evaluated to determine their effectiveness in developing QI skills, awareness, and confidence.  This project builds on existing CUES initiatives that develop interdisciplinary analysis skills through engagement with big problems, and contributes to the CUES mission by developing materials and best practices for instructors who seek to incorporate socially-aware QI activities in their curricula, creating opportunities for students across campus to engage in QI learning.

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QI Spanning Boundaries Challenge 2020 Team

Headshot of Anne Boustead

Headshot of Victor Braitberg

Headshot of David Sidi

From left:

  • Anne BousteadSchool of Government & Public Policy, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Victor BraitbergSchool of Anthropology, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, W.A. Franke Honors College 
  • David Sidi, School of Information

QI Advisory Board

The CUES QI Advisory Board--comprised of leads & participants from the CUES Mapping Educational Challenges Workshop on QI, provides guidance for this project. 

  • Nadia Alvarez Mexia, Global Affairs, College of Education
  • Jonathan BeanCollege of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture
  • Christopher Griffin (Chair), College of Law
  • Hoshin GuptaCollege of Science
  • Susan SwanbergCollege of Social and Behavioral Sciences

2020 Spanning Boundaries Challenge Team