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Events Overview

The Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES) will offer several programs and events during the academic year that educate faculty and staff on evidence-based practices in teaching and learning. All UArizona faculty are encouraged to attend. Our programs include: 

>>> Interactive Keynotes. Half-day events led by nationally-recognized speakers designed to build faculty capacity and strengthen innovation in university education.

>>> Inside UAZ-Funded Scholarship Series. Events highlighting a CUES Distinguished Fellowship project followed by a panel discussion of the project and the CUES Fellowship process. We encourage all prospective Fellows to attend.

>>> Mapping Educational Challenges (MECha) Workshops. Workshops mapping educational challenges at the boundary of disciplines, by bringing together intersectional expertise of relevance to the specific workshop theme.

>>> Campus Fellows Presentations. Presentations by CUES Distinguished fellows at University of Arizona.

>>> Extramural Fellows Presentations. Presentations by CUES Distinguished fellows at national and international conferences and other academic institutions.