Guada Lozano

Director, Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES)

Director, External Relations & Evaluation School of Mathematical Sciences

Associate Research Professor of Mathematics

Guadalupe (Guada) Lozano, grew up in Argentina.  She is an Associate Research Professor of Mathematics, the Director for the Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES), and a Co-Founder of the STEM in HSI Working group at the University of Arizona (UA), in Tucson. Much of Guada’s current work focuses on transforming undergraduate STEM education at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI), a joint effort with her STEM in HSI working group at UA, funded in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  Formally trained as a mathematician, Guada has been involved in K-12 and undergraduate math education initiatives which inform her current work.  Her projects have included: (1) the national training of educators in the Common Core Mathematics Standards, (2) the writing of reform calculus curricula, (3) the writing of national recommendations for deploying active-learning practices in undergraduate mathematics, (4) the quantitative assessment of the impact of active-learning pedagogies on the conceptual learning of calculus, and (5) and the establishment of cross-institutional faculty collaborations for streamlining the transition from community colleges to the university.