Laura Horley

Associate Director, Communications, W.A. Franke Honors College
2022 CUES Spanning Boundaries Challenge Grantee
Photo of Laura Horley

Note: Title was current at time of award and may have changed.

2022 Spanning Boundaries Challenge | Community Stories of Sustainability and Resilience: Promise for the Learning Experience

Communities’ lived experiences are unique and varied, informed by diverse historical contexts and community values.  Working alongside community partners is necessary to develop equitable, sustainable, and responsible solutions to current challenges. 

This project explores embedding Civic Engagement and Service Learning (CE&SL, 2021) into existing courses by engaging students, faculty and Borderland communities in community-driven research around sustainable food and water solutions.  Working across Fine Arts, Engineering, Architecture, Honors, Biosphere 2 and Global Initiatives, the project pilots and evaluates this innovative approach to place-responsive CE&SL, while providing new opportunities for students and faculty to have a measurable societal impact.  The project aims to lay foundations for strong bi-national relationships and improved student capacity for community-driven action, as part of the UArizona CE&SL teaching and learning experience.

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CE&SL Spanning Boundaries Challenge 2022 Team

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Headshot of Nicole Antebi

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Headshot of Laura Horley

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From left:

  • Caitlyn Hall, Department of Biosystems Engineering, W.A. Franke Honors College, CALES, College of Engineering  
  • Nicole AntebiSchool of Art, College of Fine Arts
  • Aaron Bugaj, Biosphere 2, RII
  • Lysette Davi, Honors Global Experience, Honors Study Abroad, W.A. Franke Honors College
  • Laura Horley, Marketing & Communications, W.A. Franke Honors College
  • Kenneth Kokroko, School of Landscape Architecture & Planning, CAPLA

CE&SL Advisory/Advocacy Board

The board -- comprised of experts on CE&SL and leads from the CUES Mapping Educational Challenges Workshop on CE&SL, provides guidance for this project.

  • Ana Cornide, Spanish & Portuguese, College of Humanities
  • Judy Marquez Kiyama, Educational Policy Studies & Practice, College of Education
  • Aileen WongSpeech, Language & Hearing Sciences, College of Science

2022 Spanning Boundaries Challenge Team