Design for Learning


All Day, April 6, 2018

Keynote Presentation: Design for Learning: Making Courses and Class Sessions More Productive

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While effective teaching is clearly very important, good course and session design may matter even more in promoting high-quality student learning and success. Well-designed courses can help average students achieve above-average learning. In poorly designed courses, on the other hand, even experienced, excellent teachers and above-average students struggle simply to survive. This interactive keynote will provide several simple, practical, research-based strategies for designing/redesigning courses and class sessions to promote learning outcomes more effectively and efficiently. The keynote will provide materials and prompts for follow-on table discussions.

Workshop: Deeper Learning by Design: Practical Strategies for Aligning Assessment, Feedback & Collaboration

Engaging students in productive group work is critical to deep, lasting learning – but also difficult to do well. Groupwork too often breaks down due to inappropriate tasks, incompatible student goals, unequal effort, or lack of collaborative skills. Likewise, formative assessment can contribute greatly to learning by providing feedback to guide deliberate practice. Most of us also know from experience, however, just how time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating the feedback process can be – particularly when students fail to make use of (or even read) our comments. This interactive session will present useful, sometimes counter-intuitive research findings on effective collaboration, formative assessment, and feedback, along with simple, practical, time-saving strategies for improving the odds that our well-made teaching and learning plans don’t go awry.

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