iVoices: Channeling Student Technology Experiences into New Media, Curricula, and Scholarship

Inside UA-Funded Scholarship


noon to 1:15 p.m., Feb. 7, 2022


Featuring Diana Daly, CUES Distinguished Fellow, Assistant Professor, School of Information, and Director of Undergraduate Studies and Individual Studies, School of Information, this virtual seminar and panel will bring participants inside a CUES funded project and unpack its relevance for catalyzing the practice of innovative teaching and learning at the University of Arizona.


  • Cheryl (Cuillier) Casey, Open Education Librarian, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Abhiman Gupta, iVoices Media Lab Student Team Member; College of Engineering
  • Jacquie Kuru, iVoices Media Lab Student Team Member; College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Prospective CUES Distinguished Fellows are encouraged to attend.

Inside UAZ-Funded Scholarship Series