The Project-to-Publication Pipeline in CUES Sponsored Educational Innovation

Inside UA-Funded Scholarship


3 to 4 p.m., March 3, 2021


Featuring a panel of CUES Distinguished Fellows and their co-authors, this Zoom seminar and panel offered perspectives on the process of writing and publishing on CUES-funded education innovation, as a means to catalyze scholarship of teaching and learning at the University of Arizona.  Links to projects and publications follow.


|| Megan Baker, John Pollard
The Future of Gen Ed: Big Ideas, Interdisciplinary Thinking, and Informed Decision Making

|| Vignesh Subbian, Linda Shaw
Social Responsibility and Ethics and STEM Students Development 

|| Byron Hempel, Paul Blowers
Building Faculty Capacity to Retain Students through Classroom Interventions

Prospective CUES Distinguished Fellows are encouraged to attend.

Inside UAZ-Funded Scholarship Series