Kathleen Kennedy

Associate Professor of Practice, Retailing & Consumer Sciences
2022 CUES Distinguished Fellow
Photo of Kathleen Kennedy

Note: Title was current at time of award and may have changed.

Educational Equity and Inclusion through a Personalized Adaptive Learning System (PALS)

Personalized adaptive learning offers great promise for fostering individual student success, broadening access, and building more equitable and inclusive learning environments.  While adaptive learning (AL) technology supports individualized instruction, it is still unclear how to meaningfully realize the potential of AL within instructor-facilitated, student-centered learning environments. 

The PALS initiative will identify and develop differential instruction (DI) methods that enable the effective use of AL technology in teaching and learning.  This research project brings together 16 UArizona faculty from multiple disciplines for the systematic implementation and evaluation of PALS.  More specifically, PALS will promote DI and pilot artificial intelligence-based AL learning technology at the University of Arizona.  The initiative aims to inform specific ways in which DI, AL and their combination are capable of improving students' learning, while also increasing student engagement, satisfaction, and overall academic success.

Broader Engagement

FEB - APR 2023: Faculty Learning Community: AI in Teaching and Learning, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (Virtual).

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