Bilingual Journalism in the Borderlands: A Novel Approach to Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

Inside UAZ-Funded Scholarship


11 a.m. to noon, Oct. 4, 2022


Featuring Jessica Retis, CUES Distinguished Fellow, Director of the School of Journalism, Director of the Master's in Bilingual Journalism Program, and Professor of Journalism, this hybrid seminar and panel will bring participants inside a CUES funded project and unpack its relevance for catalyzing the practice of innovative teaching and learning at the University of Arizona.


  • Julia Blumberg, Inaugural Graduate, Dual Bilingual Journalism/Latin American Studies M.A. Program; College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Amy Kimme Hea, CUES Advisory Board Member; Associate Dean, Academic Affairs & Student Success; Professor, English; College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Liliana Soto, Assistant Professor of Practice, Journalism; Assistant Director, Bilingual Journalism Program; College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Prospective CUES Distinguished Fellows are encouraged to attend.

Inside UAZ-Funded Scholarship Series