Ingrained (Animated Short Film)


7 to 9 p.m., Dec. 13, 2022


What's Up, Docs? Annual Documentary Showcase
Presented by University of Arizona's School of Theatre, Film & Television

A collaborative production facilitated by CUES Grantee, Nicole Antebi as part of the 2022 Spanning Boundaries Team's CUES project

Key Community Partner: Silvia Valdillez


About the film:

“Ingrained” is an animated short artfully documenting the Nahua Cosmology and ceremonial practices around the growth of corn/cintli/maize/elote and process of making tortillas based on a workshop hosted by Flowers & Bullets community garden.  Together, Animation I students from the School of Art and the Flowers & Bullets garden stewards shared skills and stories and assembled a film by applying the ethos of community building to the assembly of the film.  The project was made possible through a generous CUES Spanning Boundaries grant received by Professor Nicole Antebi and the team of Community Stories of Sustainability and Resilience.

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