Premieres Across History: Meet at 12 (Musical Performance)

Special Event, 2022 World Premiere Musical Performance from Crowder Hall, sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music


11 a.m. to noon, April 28, 2022
Meet at 12 Image


Premiere was initially livestreamed at 11am (AZ/Pacific) on April 28.

This 2022 World Premiere event is the third premiere sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music, as part of Matthew Mugmon's CUES Distinguished Fellowship project.

Headshot of Meggie Keung

Composed by Meggie KeungMeet at 12 is inspired by Korean pop music and is scored for two flutes, two saxophones, and electronics.  Keung wrote this piece to connect different genres and cultures into one harmonious piece.



11:00    Introductory remarks, by CUES Distinguished Fellow, Matthew Mugmon and composer Meggie Keung

11:10    Livestream rehearsal of Meet at 12, composed by Meggie Keung 

11:30    Livestream World Premiere of Meet at 12

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