Quintetto Profano, A Piano Quintet for Quarantined Musicians

Special Event, 2020 World Premiere sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music


11 a.m., April 30, 2020

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Premiere was initially livestreamed at 11am (AZ/Pacific) on April 30.
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This 2020 World Premiere event, the first of four premieres sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music as part of Matthew Mugmon's CUES Distinguished Fellowship project, was composed specifically for the possibilities and limitations of videoconferencing software at a time of social distancing and isolation.

Composed by graduate student Tom PetersonQuintetto Profano brings together music composition, performance, and scholarship to offer students and the public the opportunity to explore the meaning of art in a time of crisis.

11:00    Introductory remarks, by CUES Distinguished Fellow, Matthew Mugmon
11:10    Livestream Rehearsal of Quintetto Profano, composed by Tom Peterson and to be performed by Fred Fox School of Music graduate students, including members of the UArizona Graduate String Quartet.*
11:30    Livestream World Premiere of Quintetto Profano:
              I. Solos
              II. No such thing as now
              III. Elegy
              IV. Duets
*Kevin Seal (piano), Melisa Karic (violin), Jaeook Lee (violin), Raiden Thaler (viola), and Diana Yusupov (cello).

Composer's Program Note

Headshot of Tom Peterson

By Tom Peterson

In early March, this piece was to be a normal Piano Quintet. Then everything — much more than this piece, much more than music — changed.  Music brings people together; literally, to a concert, and figuratively, in empathy and experience. Music is fundamentally communal and helps to form and shape communal experiences. How then are we to make music in these unprecedented times when we can't be together?

The result is a fragmented quintet — a deconstructed meal when we can't be in a restaurant — that, by accepting and embracing the audio-processing limitations of current technology, aims to offer one proposal for how we might continue to make music together. 

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