Premieres Across History: Ibero-American Landscapes (Musical Performance)

Special Event, 2021 World Premiere Livestream Musical Performance from Crowder Hall, sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music


11 a.m. to noon, April 29, 2021


Premiere was initially livestreamed at 11am (AZ/Pacific) on April 29.

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This 2021 World Premiere event is the second of three premieres sponsored by CUES and the Fred Fox School of Music, as part of Matthew Mugmon's CUES Distinguished Fellowship project.

Composed by Edwin Guevara GutiérrezIbero-American Landscapes draws on the music of multiple genres and regions from both Europe and the Americas, and it also encodes the world premiere performers’ names — all of whom come from different nations — in the musical material itself.


11:00    Introductory remarks, by CUES Distinguished Fellow, Matthew Mugmon and composer Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez

11:10    Livestream rehearsal of Ibero-American Landscapes, composed by Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez and to be performed by the Tucson Ibero-American Quartet.*

11:30    Livestream World Premiere of Ibero-American Landscapes

*Diana Schaible (flute), Cecilia Palma (cello),  Misael Barraza-Díaz (guitar), and Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez (guitar)

Composer's Program Note

Headshot of Edwin Guevara Gutierrez

By Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez

The work’s title, Ibero-American Landscapes, comes from its use of different rhythms of the Spanish, American, and Latin American traditions.  A fundamental characteristic of the composer’s works is the inclusion and development of many Ibero-American rhythms.  Here, each rhythm provides a general idea of ​​each country, transformed without interruption throughout the work; thirty rhythms were chosen for being some of the most popular rhythms of Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States.  Similarly, the work draws on four great genres: classical music, popular music, jazz, and flamenco.

The melodic and harmonic elements in Ibero-American Landscapes are based on a specific series derived from the name of each of the performers of the world premiere (Diana Schaible on flute, from the United States; Cecilia Palma on cello, from Venezuela; Misael Barraza-Díaz, from Mexico; and Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez, from Colombia).  In other words, each letter of their first and last names has a corresponding sound in the chromatic scale, and similarly, the harmonies come from the same serial system, balanced with traditional harmony.  The presentation of the name of each musician can be heard in multiple places in the work — including in the final section, where each performer plays the specific series in a virtuosic way.

Ibero-American Landscapes was completed on April 9, 2021, and is dedicated to the director of the Fred Fox School of Music guitar program, Professor Thomas Patterson.  Ibero-American Landscapes will be published by Bergmann Edition (Denmark).



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